Spring Series

An FNGLA Educational Experience

FNGLA introduced a new education series for 2017 and, for Spring, we're extending the series with four design programs to be held at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando on varying dates. FNGLA members pay just $225 per session to attend each day's sessions and lunch for the day is included.

Thursday, April 20
Design Seminar: Creating the Ultimate Landscape Design

  • Developed for landscape professionals wanting to formulate their design philosophy and create plans that are stunning, unified and functional.
  • This class provides an architectural approach to design and emphasizes topics such as form composition and lines of force. In addition. Course weaves sustainable, earth-friendly principles into the traditional design. This hands-on workshop offers extensive training in design theory; moving from a basic understanding to creating a master plan in just one day! Improve your skills as you create and sell beautiful, practical, profitable earth-friendly design solutions for your client.

Friday, April 21
Design Seminar: Seasonal Color-Start to Profitable Finish
The Purpose and Value of Seasonal Color

  • Selling Seasonal Color to Your Clients
  • Graphics to Sell Seasonal Color
  • Understanding the Basics of Form, Color and Texture in Seasonal Color Design
  • Block Design Strategies
  • BMP: installation of seasonal color
  • Contagious Containers: The secrets of container, soil and plant selection and how to put it all together, to create lush, gorgeous compositions.
  • Estimating for Profit: How to price your work to be competitive and profitable.
  • Maintenance for Performance: The basics of watering, fertilization, pinching and overall care.
  • Putting It All Together: Final design project

What Others are Saying

"This training was perfect for our account managers – first of its kind that we have found. I would like to see more of this level of classes offered and similar education on how to manage the labor you have and adjustments to be made to the ever changing labor force (managing the different cultures or generation gaps and how they differ)."

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